Our strategy is aimed at long-term business growth through the restoration and modernization of Russian hemp farming.

Our strategic goals:

  • Improvement of crop cultivation methods by mastering modern high-productive and technological methods while keeping in mind the sustainability considerations.
  • Creation of innovative logistical and production infrastructure for cultivation and processing of common hemp.
  • Development and implementation of brand new industry and consumer standards for quality and safety of grown raw materials and manufactured products.
  • Maintaining and increasing the stock of certified seeds of drug-free hemp varieties.
  • Creation of a culture of consumption of high-quality, useful hemp products both in Russia and globally.



We are committed to our strategic goal of improving the quality of life of Russian people by expanding the range of brand new domestic products with unique consumer and functional properties.

Once Russia regains its leadership in hemp production, this will eliminate the country’s dependence on imports of textile products and vegetable oils and will increase the readily renewable raw material base, which is critical to economic growth and prosperity.

Revival and modernization of the best traditions of hemp farming will contribute to improvement of the socio-economic situation in rural areas and give an effective impetus to the development of Russian agricultural and textile production.

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