We are a dynamically developing agroindustrial holding focusing on cultivating and processing bast crops.

Our considerable experience in agriculture allows us to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with partners in many areas. We can act as a lessee of agricultural land and offer partnership based on contractual sowing of hemp in the fields of Penza and Ryazan regions. Hemp will be sown by experienced agronomists in close cooperation with scientists who know how to maximise the use of agricultural land. We can also offer contractual sowing of other crops in our fields, provided that these crops match the planned crop rotation. Konoplex offers vast possibilities for partnerships in commodity turnover using the most useful characteristics of common hemp. You can order drug-free hemp seeds for cultivation and marketable refined grain for processing. To learn more about the properties and benefits of these seeds, please visit our Products page. For distributors, we can offer Konoplex hemp oil in a branded package for distribution in retail chains and speciality stores. You can also order hemp oil in bulk for production needs. You can contact us if you need vegetable oil from other crops obtained by cold pressing. Our modern production line allows us to process flax, rapeseed, sesame, mustard and other crops to produce oil. Wide application of hemp products in different areas allows us to offer mutually beneficial cooperation with many businesses. In particular, we offer wholesale hemp cake and hemp straw for farms and cooperatives that breed cattle. Businesses in various industries use fibre, which can also be derived from hemp, in their operations. Hemp fibre has several advantages over other fibres due to its durability, hygiene and hypoallergenicity. Finally, we can offer sorting, processing, drying, dressing and storage services. We are open to cooperation and are ready to consider any of your requests or proposals. To contact us, please fill in the feedback form.

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