The Konoplex Group

Hemp growing and processing

The Konoplex Group is a Russian agricultural holding focused on growing and processing of industrial hemp, as well as on research and breeding new sorts of this crop.
We are a leader in hemp acreage in Russia.
Konoplex produces seeds, crete and fiber from industrial hemp.
Healthy food products made from hemp and other crops are marketed under the brands "Konoplyanka" and "Happy Kitchen"


The agricultural activity of the enterprises of the Konoplex Group is based on the principles of conscientious, environmentally responsible farming, which comprise simultaneously achieved high yields and maintaining the health of the lands.

The companies Konoplex Penza LLC (breeding and seed production, cultivation) and Konoplex Agro LLC (organic agriculture) are engaged in the agricultural direction in the Group.


The company is guided by scientifically based methods, formed as a result of a comprehensive study of the culture’s requirements to environmental conditions, and also specifics of its growth and development to implement these goals throughout the whole cultivation cycle. Along with this, restoring the rich, but almost completely lost in the practical context, the Russian experience of hemp cultivation, the Konoplex Group domesticates, develops and introduces modern high-performance and technological methods of hemp cultivation.

Agricultural enterprises of the Konoplex Group use certified seeds of non-narcotic hemp of the Central Russian varieties for growing that meet all the requirements of the current regulation: "Surskaya", "Nadezhda" and "Vera". New varieties «Milena» and «Roman» are bred by the Central Research Institute of Industry and Agriculture and the Federal Scientific Center for Bast Crops.

Konoplex Penza is a member of the National Union of Breeders and Seed Growers and is included in the Register of Seed farms.
In 2018, Konoplex Penza became a member of the TOP-10 Innovative and active enterprises of the Penza region, compiled by the Ministry of Industry of the Penza region.
In 2020, Konoplex and the Federal Scientific Center for Bast Crops were awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture in the nomination "For Achievements in the Field of Agricultural Innovation"


The Konoplex Group priority focus is processing of hemp to produce the highest quality products: raw and hulled hemp seeds, hemp oil, hemp flour and hemp fiber.
Food and industrial processing in the Group of Companies is carried out by the companies Konoplex Food Product LLC and Konoplex Prom LLC.


In 2020, in the Otvel Technopark in the Penza Region, Konoplex Group built and launched a full-cycle production complex to produce of cold-pressed oil from hemp, flax, mustard, sunflower, camelina, pine nuts and other crops.
The capacity of the new enterprise is 15 million bottles per year. The total investment in construction and equipment is over 200 million rubles.
Foodstuffs under the brands "Linnet" and "Happy Kitchen" are presented on open market: in retail chain, marketplaces, online health food stores and our own online store

Konoplex Food Product LLC produces:

  • Cold Pressed Hemp Oil
  • Vegetable oils of other crops
  • Refined vegetable oils
  • Peeled hemp seeds
  • Dessert mixes
  • Flour and cake
  • Nutrient Blends
  • Salad dressings based on vegetable oils

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In the Penza region, Konoplex produces hemp fiber using for various purposes. A by-product of fiber production is shive, which is used in horticulture and animal breeding.

In 2021, the first in Russia high-tech hemp fibre processing line with European equipment is being launched in Penza.

Domestic hemp fiber without excess use of chemicals can replace imported cotton and other raw materials. The scope of application of natural Russian materials is expanding every year, replacing synthetic analogues. Consumers are becoming more demanding, preferring eco-friendly products.
Hemp fiber is a valuable industrial raw material for the construction industry, the manufacture of mattresses, technical fabrics, insulation materials, rope and twine products.

The company also produces hemp oil for

- Cosmetology

- Pharmaceutical companies

- Chemical industry

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The products produced by "Konoplex" meet the strictest regulatory requirements:
• GOST 52325-2005 "Seeds of agricultural plants. Varietal and sowing qualities. General technical conditions"
• Sanitary rules and norms “Hygienic requirements for safety and nutritional value of foods”
• GOST 9158-76 "Hemp seeds. Industrial raw material. Technical conditions"
• TR CU 021/2011 “On the safety of food products”
• TR CU 015/2011 “On the safety of grain”


Modernization of the Russian hemp industry requires solving the problem of restoring the seed-growing complex and expanding the market for conditioned seeds of drug-free common hemp varieties.
Autonomous non-profit organization "Central Research Institute of Industry and Agriculture", a member of the Konoplex Group, is engaged in research activities aimed at improving and developing new common hemp varieties.


The Konoplex Group supports and continues the breeding activity of Russian scientists to obtain new highly productive, drug-free hemp varieties with improved biological and economic characteristics. Research activities are carried out by Central Research Institute of Industry and Agriculture, a member of the Group, in close cooperation with the Penza Agricultural Research Institute.

The Institute conducts research activities in 10 subject areas, including selection and seed production of common hemp and certification to the organic farming. It is aimed at introducing the latest achievements of Russian science into the practical activities of agricultural enterprises.

ANO "Central Research Institute of Industry and Agriculture" provides methodological, scientific and practical support within the franchise provided by seed-growing enterprises.
Central Research Institute of Industry and Agriculture in cooperation with the Federal Scientific Center of Bast Crops bred new varieties "Milena" and "Roman", developed and implemented technologies for their cultivation. These varieties, registered in 2019, according to the results of competitive variety trials, showed a significant superiority over the standard variety in terms of: "seed yield", "oil content", "oil harvest" and "precocity". In 2020, this work was awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture in the category "For Achievement in the field of Agricultural Innovations".

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