The Konoplex Group

Hemp growing and processing

Hemp (also known as Cannabis Sativa) is a traditional agricultural crop, cultivated in Russia for textile fiber and hemp oil production. The modern legally allowed for growing sorts of hemp are characterized by no active substances in concentrations enough to adjudge crops drug-containing. They also have improved biological characteristics that allow using seeds, stems and green part of the plant in different spheres of national economy. Hemp goods are in demand in food, textile, construction, agriculture and other industries.

The group of companies “Konoplex” is a Russian agricultural holding, focused on growing and processing of hemp, as well as on research and breeding new sorts of this crop. The company has leading positions in high-quality hemp acreage. The nearest plans include construction of a new industrial full cycle complex for producing high-quality hemp oil and manufacturing hemp fiber.


The agricultural activity of the enterprises of the "Konoplex" Group is based on the principles of conscientious, environmentally responsible farming, which comprise simultaneously achieved high yields and maintaining the health of the lands.


The company is guided by scientifically based methods, formed as a result of a comprehensive study of the culture’s requirements to environmental conditions, and also specifics of its growth and development to implement these goals throughout the whole cultivation cycle. Along with this, restoring the rich, but almost completely lost in the practical context, the Russian experience of hemp cultivation, the "Konoplex" Group domesticates, develops and introduces modern high-performance and technological methods of hemp cultivation. High-quality seeds with proven sort characteristics are the primary condition for obtaining maximum yields of good quality. Agricultural enterprises of the "Konoplex" Group use certified seeds of non-narcotic hemp of the Central Russian varieties for growing, that meet all the requirements of the current regulation: "Surskaya", "Nadezhda" and "Vera". These varieties of hemp seeds bred by Russian scientists of the Penza Agricultural Research Institute, have a wide range of economically useful traits, are characterized by no active substances in concentrations enough to consider crops drug-containing, are resistant to many diseases and pests, and the products obtained from them can fully satisfy the diverse needs of modern food and processing industries.

All the necessary agricultural activities are carried out to provide crops with appropriate lighting, moisture and nutrition conditions, which crucially influence harvest and its quality.

An important factor in obtaining rich and effective harvests, meanwhile maintaining careful use of lands, is adherence to methods of literate crop rotation, which makes it possible to fully use beneficial properties of hemp, including improvement of soil microflora. Modern varieties of hemp reduce necessity in chemical plants protection agents, improving soil structure and clearing it from weeds. That’s why the plant is recommended for sowing in many crop rotation schemes.

Whereas cultivation of hemp is ruled by generally common agro techniques and methods, hemp harvesting and processing are specific processes, which require special technical means. The harvest technologies used in Konoplex agrarian divisions are aimed at preserving valuable and useful properties of all parts of the plant - seeds, stems and grassy parts. Almost complete absence of special agricultural harvesting machinery made the company to refine some parts of usual crop harvesting machines and perform hemp harvesting with modified and reworked serial combines.


The “Konoplex” Group priority focus is processing of hemp to produce the highest quality products: raw and hulled hemp seeds, hemp oil and hemp fiber.


To create a new processing infrastructure, the "Konoplex" Group is building a multifunctional production complex in the Penza region with a total area of about 22,000 sq.m. The production of valuable food oil and the production of different types of fibers will operate on the industrial area. The equipment of the complex will have all the necessary technological capabilities for the primary processing of seeds and fiber: pre-cleaning, drying, extraction of the fibrous part, mechanical cleaning and sorting of raw materials.

The latest international achievements in hemp industry are to be used in obtaining hemp oil by cold pressing, which allows to preserve all the useful properties of this unique and rich in macro- and microelements product. The fiber manufacturing plant will use the latest Belgian, German, French and Dutch technologies to produce both long and short hemp fibers.

The products produced by "Konoplex" meet the strictest regulatory requirements: • GOST 52325-2005 "Seeds of agricultural plants. Varietal and sowing qualities. General technical conditions" • Sanitary rules and norms “Hygienic requirements for safety and nutritional value of foods” • GOST 9158-76 "Hemp seeds. Industrial raw material. Technical conditions" • TR CU 021/2011 “On the safety of food products” • TR CU 015/2011 “On the safety of grain”


For the revival, development and increase of efficiency of hemp industry in the Russian Civil Code "Konopleks" participates in the selection trials fiber crops and the development of new varieties of planting hemp.


Currently, only three organizations in Russia carried out the selection beznarkoticheskih hemp varieties, one of which is a member of the SC "Konopleks" Company "Konopleks Penza". Konoplevodcheskoe farming is actively cooperating on the cultivation of the crop with the research institutes of agriculture - Penza and Krasnodar. The company has the exclusive right to the cultivation and processing of hemp varieties "Surskaya 'bred by Russian scientists Penza TSNIISKH. It owns a high quality seed saved from the varietal characteristics - a distinct advantage, and the pride of "Konopleks Penza".

Varietal diversity of industrial hemp has been very limited until 2000. In the State Register of Breeding Achievements Approved for use on the territory of Russia, then only two varieties of hemp Central Russian: Diana Ingreda and all three varieties yuzhnosozrevayuschey monoecious hemp: the US Open, 14, 11 Zolotonoshskaya US Open, the US Open, 31. These varieties containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content in the plants is not more than 0.1% are characterized by high parameters of economically useful characteristics.

However, weak resistance to adverse environmental factors, disease damage in the conditions of central Russia, as well as the absence of varieties of oilseed areas have led research projects carried out by Russian scientists for the period 2001-2011 years. The result of the research activities became the new source material monoecious hemp with consistently low THC content in plants no more than 0.03-0.07%. Along with scanty THC, the undisputed advantage of new varieties of hemp is a higher degree of adaptability to different climatic and soil conditions.

New forms beznarkoticheskie planting hemp included in the State Register of selection achievements of the Russian Federation. These include Zelentsova grade Vera hybrids Slav and greasers, the use of bilateral direction grades - Surskaya and Hope.

As part of the research activities of the Civil Code "Konopleks" is a permanent member of the European Association of Industrial konoplevodcheskoy (EIHA, Germany) and agro-growers Association (APAC, Russia).